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Providing Service to Venturing and Scouting

Joe Garrett, a long time Advisor and a promoter of the Corps of Discovery, created a PowerPoint presentation which can be helpful when explaining to others.

More useful information has been provided by a prominent Venturer (name withhelp per her request).

The Corps of Discovery is a co-ed Service Society for the youth and adults who have shown a willingness to promote service within their organizations, especially Venturing Crews, Sea Scout Ships, Explorer Posts and Scout Troops, communities and/or within their religious institutions.  It is intended for youth and adults who have gone beyond what would normally be expected by a unit member or unit leader; ones that provide widespread service.  It should not be thought of as a alternative version of the Order of the Arrow.

Within Venturing and Exploring, Corps Members provide widespread service and staff District, Council, Area, Regional, or National activities and training in their program uniform.  It is not for recognition of the Venturer, Sea Scout, Explorer, or Scout who just serves as a terrific unit youth leader or earns the top award or rank in their program.

Adult Corps Members provide widespread service and get involved at the District, Council, Regional, or National level and help with programs that serve multiple units, whole Districts or whole Councils.  They go beyond just promoting their Crew, Ship, Post, or Troop.

The Corps of Discovery at the unit level allows the leadership to encourage his or her own members to participate in building Venturing, Scouting, and Exploring within the larger community.

Rachel Eddowes Represents Venturing to Congress in 2013

Rachel Eddowes, a member of Crew 502 out of Virginia Beach, was the Venturer selected to represent the Boy Scouts of America before the U.S. Congress in 2013.  Rachel is a Corps of Discovery member and holds both the Venturing Silver and Girl Scout Gold Awards.

Jim Shannon, a very good friend of Craig Murray, was her first Advisor and provided her with her initial direction in Venturing.  Venturing is proud to have had Rachel represent the program and to have Jim be the scouter who gave her guidance.

To the left is a video of Rachel in unifom with her Corps of Discovery flap and the Venturing Leadership Award, Venturing Silver and Girl Scout Gold Award knots.

Rachel Eddowes Continues to Promot Scouting

In 2018, Rachel graduated from George Mason University and this is the cap she wore.  You can read more about her on "Byran on Scouting."

For 2019, she is a member of the U.S. Contingent Management Team for the 2019 World Jamboree.  Quite an accomplished young lady!