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Chris Hagerty Founders Award

The award is a Jefferson Peace Medal suspended from a Royal Blue Neck Ribbon.  Each Regiment may present up to two (2) Founders Awards per year to Corps members who have shown exceptional service to the Corps and their Community.  One Award each year must be given to a youth.  The second may be given to a youth or adult.  If only one award is presented, it must be to a youth.


Nominations should come in the form of a letter which includes the Nominees Name, Outpost, Advisors name and contact information, and a description of the nominees accomplishments.  In the case of nominating an Outpost Advisor, please include an Associate Advisors Contact information.  This letter is to be sent to your Regimental Clerk.

The Regimental Clerk will save a copy of the nomination and present the originals to a committee made up of all previous recipients of the founders award in that Regiment, who will choose the recipient(s) by a vote.

The results will be shared with the Regimental Officers immediately and announced publicly do that the recipients may be present, and have family in attendance, when the award is presented at the Regiments annual Rendezvous.  If there are no previous award winners, and/or no regimental officers established, voting may be done at the Rendezvous with written and floor nominations and a secret ballot process.

History of the Award

The first awards were presented at the first regimental Rendezvous, the Western Region Rendezvous at Fort Clatsop, June 27th, 2015.  They were given, fittingly, to the three Founders of the Corps of Discovery, Joe Garrett, Craig Murray, and Matt Petrick (for his service as a youth).

Chris Hagerty

It is with a great deal of sadness that Joe and Craig share the passing of Chris Hagerty this summer, 2017.  Chris was the author of the Corps of Discovery Guidebook and organizer of the 2015 Western Region COD Rendezvous in Astoria, Oregon.  He had been dealing with the effects of Diabetes and had recently been hospitalized for dialysis and other health issues.  He was a young man and passed much too soon, after spending his life working as an advocate for youth in the Boy Scouts of America, the Baden Powell Service Association, and several other youth organizations.

In honor of his service, we have decided to rename the Corps of Discovery Founders Award, which he created, the Chris Hagerty Founders Award.  This is the highest recognition available for Corps of Discovery members and was created by Chris to honor Craig Murray and Joe Garrett for our efforts to revive the Corps within venturing, starting in 2005.

Craig and Joe now nominate Chris as the fourth recipient of this honor for his long serving efforts to build the Corps of Discovery and dedicate its members to Servant Leadership within their home communities.