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As an organization that encourages servant leadership, the Corps of Discovery seeks to recognize the willingness of Venturers, Scouts, Explorers, and Leaders to nurture and grow their program.  As mentioned in Membership, induction into the Corps of Discovery should be a "pay forward" commitment.  Similar to the commitment made when taking an oath of office.

The first item used for recognition was an animal tooth that hung on a wire from the right pocket.  (Information about the beginning of this program can be found here.)  Later, a Western Regiment (Region) Venturing Leader asked Craig Murray to design a pocket flap. The first flaps were presented to youth who completed a Kodiak training course in 2005 and made a promise to take on a simple service project when he or she got home. Some of the projects were as complex as helping with ScoutReach camps, Powder Horn, and VOAs, and others were as simple as recruiting some friends to join their Crews.

In addition to recognizing others with the patches below, two certificates have been developed.  You are welcome to use either certificate.  Both certificates are data entry PDF files but may have to be opened in Adobe Reader to be able to enter into the fields:

  1. Craig Murray's certificate (PDF) - Use the cursor to select in the area for the name and type the recipients name.  Then tab to two other positions in order to enter the position names of two other people signing the certificate and print.  There are three fields that can be filled in.  (earlier version of certificate)
  2. Bill Wilcox's certificate (PDF) - Use the cursor to select in the area for the date and type the date.  Then tab to the second field to enter the participant's name.

The Corps of Discovery patches are available rectangular for older style Venturing shirts, traditional for newer Venturing or Scouts BSA shirts, and hexagonical for Sea Scout shirts or the BSA red jac-shirt.  All available patches are shown below.  Both patches are shown below.  Patches previously made can be viewed on the patch history page.


New flaps for the 20 years of the Corps of Discovery are now available.  One for the traditional uniform and a Sea Scout flap (now sold out) that was sponsored by Nik Stanosheck.  Only 50 of the Sea Scout flaps were made and already there are orders for 50 so they are no longer available.

The theme of the 20 year flap is that everyone was entitled to vote.  "On November 24, 1805, the Corps of Discovery, led by Captains Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, votes to spend the winter on the south bank of the Columbia River.  All members of the expedition are allowed to participate.  This is the first election by Americans in the West, and the first election to include a woman, a Native American, and an African slave."

An order form in XLS downloaded here (XLS) and (PDF).  If you use the PDF file, please contact me about shipping costs before you order.  If you have questions about the flap or pin send an email to TheHiker@SageVenture.com.  The PDF order form assumes that you will order a pin so postage is higher.  If you use the XLS file, it will calculate the shipping.


20 Year Flaps

Type 12v

Type 12ss
no longer available

Traditional Flap

Type 11

Rectangular Flap

Type 10


Permanent Party - Red

Outpost Officer

Outpost Advisor
Bronze & Blue

Camp Officer

Camp Advisor
Gold & Blue

Company Officer

Company Advisor
Silver & Blue